If you have any issues, or questions regarding any asset store purchases, you can email me at the link below.  HalfBurntBiscuits is small one man show, taking place in my quite little corner of the internet.  I have been a little slow to update some things on the site lately, because I have been designing and finishing several little game prototypes that I plan to release as free complete project templates.  I may try to sell a few.  So if you e-mail me I will get back to you, if it does not get intercepted as spam.  Just give it time.

       There will be a FAQ page up soon.  The FAQ page will handle the majority of the support role of the free products.  If the issue is regarding one of the “Free Project Templates” on the asset store, then I will do my best to respond to any inquiries, but I am releasing them “as-is”.  The free templates are intended to give beginners more options when it comes to the “complete projects” category.  Something FREE that someone can LEARN from, not necessarily Release Ready Projects.  They are meant to be tinkered with, broken apart, and learned from.  I am by no means an expert, or a classically trained programmer.  I dabble in all the roles that are required to design and publish a game, because it is what I love.  I am fairly new to the engine/tools/c#(one year), but when I was starting out it was incredibly useful to have a complete project to break down.  I didn’t have any money then, and I don’t have any money now… so they are free.  It is how I learn, and the purpose of the “free templates” are for others to learn from.

       If I end up selling one of my “complete project templates”, then there will definitely be more support than just a FAQ page.  I will provide full e-mail support.  For the free content, I cannot guarantee a “timely response”, but I will do everything in my power to get back to you!

For Support

Please Contact Brian at HalfBurntBiscuits@gmail.com for support.

Thank You,